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doktor arman kömür diş beyazlatma dental bleaching

Teeth whitening

Natural or artificial pigments adhere to tooth surfaces with the food taken. With the removal of discolorations, the color of the teeth that the person has is revealed. The method applied to further lighten this resulting color is bleaching.

doktor arman kömür gülüş tasarımı smile design esteik diş hekimliği

Smile Design

Everyone desires to have a beautiful smile. A person in a digital or clinical environment with smile design  The ideal smile shape for the patient is determined, before starting the treatment.  The smile at the end of the treatment is presented to the person.

doktor arman kömür diş implantı

Implant Treatment

Missing teeth cause negative results in function and aesthetics. We use implants, which we can call titanium artificial roots, in the recovery of lost teeth.

doktor arman kömür diş protezi porselen kaplama

Prosthetic Treatments

Partial or complete edentulism, quality of life especially in advanced ages  adversely affecting factors. Today, with increasing treatment options, we offer our patients treatment options such as fixed, mobile, implant supported, tooth supported.

doktor arman kömür şeffaf telsiz ortodonti

Transparent Orthodontics

Treatment of aesthetic and functional disorders known as crooked dentition;  Thanks to clear aligner appliances, it is now possible without wearing braces.

doktor arman kömür çocuk diş hekimliği süt diş tedavi pedodonti

Pediatric Dentistry

The period up to the age of 13, which is called the primary dentition and mixed dentition period, is the healthy period of permanent dentition.  in terms of being  is important.  The period before the age of 12-13,  It is the process in which the growth and development of the jaw bones occur to a large extent.

doktor arman kömür dişeti estetiği tedavisi pembe estetik

Pink Aesthetics

Gum during laughing and speaking  It is the subject of dentistry that aims to provide aesthetics. We can correct gum color and visibility with various treatments.

doktor arman kömür kök kanal tedavisi şiddetli diş ağrısı

Root Canal Treatment

Pulp, which forms the living tissue of the tooth in advanced caries cases  texture  may be infected. This is a pain at a level that will stop the person's daily life, swelling in the infected area. redness manifests itself as an increase in temperature. Treatment  root canal treatment.

doktor arman kömür diş eti tedavisi diş taşı temizliği

Gum Problems

This disease, which starts with symptoms such as bleeding gums, redness and swelling of the gums, cold sensitivity; It results in gingival recession and the loss of support tissue of the teeth and their shaking. Early diagnosis and treatment are important.

doktor arman kömür diş sıkma gıcırdatma aşınma bruksizm tedavisi gece plağı


Bruxism, which means involuntary clenching / grinding, increases with the stress brought by the age,  It is the primary cause of most toothaches and tooth wear.

doktor arman kömür ağız kokusu halitozis tedavisi neden ağız kokar

Bad Breath

Bad breath, which negatively affects social life, is also a health problem. Causes should be identified  should be eliminated with appropriate treatments.

doktor arman kömür horlama protezi apareyi aparatı uyku apnesi tedavisi

Snoring Problem

The decrease in sleep quality causes an inability to wake up fresh and a constant state of sleep during the day. Especially individuals who snore due to airway problem,  We get rid of this problem with the snoring apparatus.

doktor arman kömür beyaz dolgu estetik bonding uygulaması ön diş kompozit restorasyon

Composite Restoration

Aesthetic composite restorations, also known as white fillings; It is preferred to replace the lost dental tissue in cases such as dental caries and tooth fractures.

gömülü diş çekimi

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth cannot find a place in some cases and remain embedded in the jaw bones. Twenties that are fully or partially buried are painful, called pericoronitis from time to time.  causes inflammatory disease.

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