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 bleaching diş beyazlatma özlüce
diş beyazlatma

Teeth whitening

It is the process of lightening the tooth color in the presence of bleaches.

Natural/artificial color such as tea, coffee  Real tooth color is obtained by removing the stains left by foods on the enamel surface.

Afterwards, the existing tooth color is further whitened with the help of bleaches.


How to Apply

The most effective method in bleaching is office whitening.

your gums  A gingival barrier is applied to protect it.

It is applied in 3 sessions of 15 minutes each and these sessions can be done in a single session on the same day.

It can be done with a blue halogen light, with a laser device, or without a light source.

In home bleaching, personalized plaques and whitening agent are delivered to the person, and the person applies the procedures himself at home in line with the instructions.

If the teeth brushing recommendations given by the dentist are followed after the procedure, whitening has no harm to the teeth.

diş beyazlatma bursa nilüfer özlüce


It is normal to have cold sensitivity in the teeth for a few days after the bleaching procedure, this is temporary.

It is necessary to brush regularly with the recommended toothpastes after the procedure.

It is strictly forbidden to consume foods such as tea and coffee in the first weeks after the procedure.

Permanence of whitening in the future  It varies according to oral care and the food taken.

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