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gingivitis diş eti kanaması bursa nilüfer özlüce diş hekimi arman kömür
diş muayenesi bursa nilüfer özlüce diş hekimi arman kömür

Gingival Deseases

Gums and surrounding tissues (periodonsium) are of vital importance in dental health.

Periodontal tissues surround the tooth root and supply.

Gum infections (gingivitis and periodontitis) usually progress painlessly and may not be noticed by the patient.

Gingival recessions can be caused by chronic gingivitis, periodontitis, bruxism, poorly made porcelain or zirconium crowns, incorrect tooth brushing, incomplete tooth brushing.

Gingival recession and reduction of the supporting tissues of the teeth can cause tooth loss.


The primary treatment in infective gingival diseases is the removal of calculus and inflammatory gingival tissues, which are called detertrage and curettage.

The treatment can be completed in a single session and may require several sessions.

Gingiva responds quickly to treatment. After treatment, the infection quickly regresses if the patient has a good oral hygiene.

There are many surgical treatment options to restore gum tissue caused by gingival recessions.

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