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horlama tedavisi uyku apnesi


Snoring decrease sleep quality, causes an inability to wake up fresh and a constant state of sleep during the day. It may also be accompanied by obstructive sleep apnea.   


Although snoring can be detected by family members; Detailed analyzes (polysomnography) are required for the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea, which is defined as the stopping of breathing at a certain frequency during sleep.


horlama apareyi horlama protezi

Prevent Snoring

Especially individuals who snore due to airway problem,  We get rid of this problem with the snoring apparatus.

Individuals with sleep apnea can have a comfortable sleep with the help of pap (positive air pressure) devices. However, individuals who cannot use this device comfortably, prefer snoring apparatus to increase sleep quality.


How we treat?

Snoring apparatus is a personalized apparatus; During sleep, it aims to open the airway by positioning the lower jaw more forward than the resting position.


At the first appointment, teeth and soft tissue impression are taken, At the second appointment, the translucent plastics are placed in the mouth and the lower jaw is fixed in the appropriate position. At the end of the second appointment, the apparatus is completed.  and delivered to the patient.

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