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şeffaf ortodonti çarpık diş bursa nilüfer özlüce diş hekimi arman kömür
ortodontist diş teli şeffaf ortodonti bursa nilüfer özlüce diş hekimi arman kömür

Transparent Orthodontics

Transparent orthodontics, which is mostly preferred in adults;  In summary, it can be defined as orthodontic treatment without a wire.


Transparent appliances correct the crookedness of the teeth and provide an aesthetic appearance to your teeth.

They are produced individually and are minimally noticeable when in the mouth.

As a result of the analysis, the planning and estimated duration of the treatment; presented to the patient at the beginning of treatment.

Transparent plaques used in sequence are changed every 2 weeks under the control of a physician.

They are not mounted on teeth like braces, you can put them on and off whenever you want.

They do not cause mouth sores.

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