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Tooth Deficiencies

Modern dentistry aims to protect existing teeth, treat and restore damaged teeth.  Tooth extraction, on the other hand, is an option that is applied when it is necessary as the last treatment option.

Gaps created by teeth that have been lost (extracted) for any reason are very disturbing in terms of function (chewing) and phonation (speaking) and aesthetic appearance.


Prosthetic Treatment

The primary choice for restoring missing teeth  dental implant treatment.

However, dental implants cannot be applied in some cases.  or not preferred by the patient.

In such cases, treatment is performed with removable (removable) or fixed prostheses.

If the tooth root is healthy in excessive material loss (extreme caries) teeth, the root of the root  Prosthetic treatments should be carried out by making use of the healthy root instead of pulling it out.

Porcelain/zirconium crown and bridge teeth,  removable prostheses are some examples of prosthetic applications.

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