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diş ağrısı nasıl geçer bursa nilüfer özlüce diş hekimi arman kömür

Toothache Due to Infection

Toothache due to infection shows itself as a severe pain that deactivate daily life.

Progression of dental caries causes pulp perforation to oral cavity and causes infection. Infection (inflammation) spread to the pulp (vital tissues of the tooth) and spread to the periodontal region (bone and soft tissues around the tooth) cause severe pain.

It can cause inflammatory swellings (abscess) that can be seen on face or inside the mouth.

Root Canal Treatment

Infected tissues need to be removed  and the root canal cavity is need to be filled with root canal filling meterials..

It is a painless treatment under local anesthesia.

Although it changes according to the working principle; It is a single visit or multi-visit treatment.

Following the removal of the infection; the tooth need to be restored with filling meterial or .porcelain veneer.

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