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ağız kokusu nedenleri tedavisi bursa nilüfer özlüce diş hekimi arman kömür
ağız kokusu ölçümü muayene kontrol tedavi bursa nilüfer özüce diş hekimi arman kömür

Reasons of Bad Breath

Tooth and gum diseases, old or poorly made porcelain, zirconium veneers and prostheses.

Poor oral  care and hygiene.


Dry mouth.

Smoking, alcohol, some food, some drugs.

Of gastrointestinal (digestive) origin. Reflux, gastritis, indigestion, intestinal problems.

Respiratory tract infections and some anatomical formations.

Some systemic diseases such as kidney failure, diabetes.

Feeling bad breath for psychological reasons.


The reasons of halitosis factors should be examined in a wide range and a systematic and coordinated treatment with the patient should be followed.

The primary cause of bad breath in society is dental diseases and inadequate or unconscious oral hygiene.

Tooth and gum diseases are treated, and oral hygiene training is given to the person.

Zinc mouthwashes are recommended, these mouthwashes are special for bad breath and are very effective in the treatment.

The presence of systemic diseases should be learned, they are directed to the necessary places, and the results are checked.

If it is of respiratory and digestive origin, it is directed to the relevant institutions.

If psychological factors are suspected, relevant referrals are made.

The treatment of halitosis is largely resolved, and in some cases, a sensitive analysis called mouth and nose odor measurement should also be performed.

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