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gülüş tsarımı estetik diş burs nilüfer özlüce diş hekimi arman kömür
smile design estetik diş hekimi bursa nilüfer özlüce arman kömür

Smile Design

teeth  and gums  considering the face shapes and needs of the patients  natural and aesthetic  It is the process of rendering a view. It is carried out by applying many processes together.

What operations does it include?

Since the aesthetic needs of each patient will be different, the procedures to be performed are determined individually. While determining these procedures, the patient; Factors such as facial features, gender, age and expectations are taken into account.


First of all, existing decayed teeth and gum diseases are treated.  Afterwards, procedures are determined according to the needs of the patients. These processes are generally; gingivoplasty  They can be counted as gingival aesthetic interventions called tooth whitening (bleaching) methods, compensation of tooth deficiencies with implant and prosthesis applications, porcelain laminates and coatings, zirconium coatings and orthodontic treatments (wire treatment or transparent orthodontics).

lamina yaprak porselen bursa nilüfer özlüce diş hekimi arma kömür
gülüş tasarımı diş eti küçültme bursa nilüfer özlüc diş hkim arman kömür

How is it done?

Accurate diagnosis and determination of a correct roadmap are very important in achieving aesthetic success. A roadmap is prepared with smile design, and the rehearsal of the treatment can be presented to the patient with various methods by rehearsing before the treatment begins. It is a method that facilitates doctor-patient communication in explaining the success of the treatment to the patient.

The smile design presentation can be prepared digitally, or it can be presented to the patient in the clinical setting, directly in the patient's mouth as if the treatment is finished.

It may be difficult for patients who apply with aesthetic expectations to express their expectations, smile design provides communication between the patient and the physician, and facilitates the physician's fulfillment of patient expectations.


Sometimes, medical aesthetic applications are also used during smile design. Dermal filling on the lips and face areas, etc. smile can be brought to the fore with applications.

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