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Individuals with Prosthesis

Porcelain, zirconium, lamina (leaf porcelain) teeth should be brushed very well. Standard dental cleanings such as brushing and flossing should never be interrupted. The perception that "Porcelain/zirconium coated teeth do not need to be brushed" is very wrong. Unfortunately, there may be such a misconception in society. On the contrary, these teeth should be cleaned even more carefully.

Zirconium/porcelain bridge bases also require a cleaning. It should be cleaned with fishing line at both ends and special dental floss with a wide and soft structure in the middle. At the end of the bridge treatment, practical information is given by the physician.

In addition to brushing on implant teeth, flossing is important.

Removable prostheses that can be put on and taken off by the patient should be removed and washed after meals. Before sleep, the prosthesis is removed and cleaned with a toothbrush and toothpaste. If there is a support tooth in the mouth, it should be brushed meticulously. The movable prosthesis is not left in the mouth during sleep, it is placed in water and kept in water until morning. Over time, stains from tea, coffee and colored foods may occur on acrylic prostheses. Tablets are sold for cleaning them. These can be used. If you cannot clean the denture stains, you can request cleaning by submitting them to your dentist.

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