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estetik diş hekimi arman kömür bursa nilüfer özlüce
pembe estetik diş eti bursa nilüfer özlüce diş hekimi arman kömür

Dental Aesthetics

We aim to improve aesthetically by evaluating teeth, gums, jawbones and surrounding soft tissues such as lips and cheeks.

We aim to improve measurable qualities such as harmony, layout and proportion and also a natural appearance.

Treatment Options

Laminate porcelain, glass ceramic restorations, zirconium supported porcelain restorations, direct and indirect composite restorations, restorations made with digital impressions using cad-cam, mpress, emax, metal-supported porcelain restorations...


It is a common situation that patients consult a physician by hearing and choosing one of the many options.

The fact that today, there are so many options, enables the most appropriate treatment to be determined for the patient and increases the success of the treatment.


However, it can also cause confusion in the patient's decision making. In such cases, the physician determines the most appropriate method for the current case, with the smile design.  After confirming that the patient's aesthetic expectations are met, he recommends the most appropriate method to the patient.


Doctor-patient communication is very important before and during the treatment. The patient is should be informed about the results of the treatment and how the treatment process will progress. The question marks are should be cleared.

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