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Bruxism is the clenching or grinding of teeth while asleep or awake. Bruxism, mostly stress-induced, unintended parafunctional habit.


Symptoms, Harms

Waking up with pain in the face, jaw and anrticulation, waking up with pain in muscles and teeth, 

problems such as significant abrasions on the cutting and chewing surfaces of the teeth,

gingival recession,

articulation disorders, articulation noises,

abfraction  (abrasions on the neck of the teeth),

tooth sensitivities

spoils the daily mood of the patient.

Patients usually unaware about bruxism. They consult to the dentist with complaints such as toothache and articulation pain.

gece plağı özlüce nilüfer bursa


We aim to quit the habit with a transparent habit-breaking apparatus called night guard produced with a personalized impression. Muscle relaxant systemic agents (tablets) are helpful in the treatment.

Bruxism is a unintended habit during sleep. Therefore, these patients should use the night guard during sleep.

Night guard reduces the negative effects of bruxism, also  It is a habit breaking apparatus.

If the habit cannot be eliminated, it is preferred to reduce the activity of the chewing muscles with botox.

In some cases, psychological support treatment is recommended by the dentist.

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