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Oral Care in Children

Teeth cleaning should begin as soon as the teeth appear in the mouth in babies. Teeth cleaning can be done with the help of baby brushes and ingestible herbal baby pastes. With the help of a clean gauze, cheesecloth, tissue paper, the tooth surfaces can be cleaned by wiping. This ensures adequate cleaning.

The society has a habit of adding honey, molasses and sugar to milk with a bottle, it is extremely wrong. In these children, a condition called baby bottle caries, where most of the teeth are decayed, can be seen.  Be sure to drink water after giving sweet foods such as honey and molasses. Do not forget: sugary-sweet foods decay teeth.


The earlier the habit of brushing teeth is acquired, the better. Children do what they see, not what they are told. Suggestion,  The child cannot be brought into the habit of brushing.


parent teeth  While brushing, the child's brush is also placed in a position within his reach. While the parents brush their teeth, the child sees and imitates.  will want to. In other words, parents should first establish their own brushing habits.

When choosing toothbrushes for children, prefer small-headed children's brushes. Electric brushes are fun for kids  and it is positive in gaining brushing habit.

If the child does not swallow toothpaste while brushing, choose fluoride toothpaste for adults. If the child swallows toothpaste; Use toothpaste for children that does not contain fluorine or brush without paste.

It is easier for children of school age to reach sugary foods, and sugary food consumption should be prevented. If it cannot be prevented, teeth should be brushed or rinsed with water after sugar is eaten.

Routine dental check-ups should start from the age of 3 years. If you suspect a problem with your teeth before the age of 3, consult your dentist.

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