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This declaration, Medical Deontology Regulation (TDN), Turkish Dentistry Professional Ethics Rules  (TDB DMEK), Turkish Medical Association Physician Rights Declaration (TTB HHB), Medicine Specialization Regulation, Ministry of Health Employee Safety Circular was prepared with reference.

-The right to benefit from modern scientific medicine facilities and to use them in their professional practice (TDN Article 13)

-The right to adhere to ethical principles while practicing their profession (TDN Article 6- TDB DMEK)

-The right to protect their professional independence and professional autonomy (TDN Article 6)

-The right to avoid situations contrary to their own values (TDN Article 6)

-The right to work in a hygienic environment and to seek health protection (TDN Article 15)

-The right to demand an adequate income level (TDN Article 31 - TDB DMEK)

- Except for emergencies, the right to refuse or discontinue the treatment in case the trust relationship with the patient is damaged (TDN Articles 18 and 19 - TDB DMEK)

-The right to participate in administrative processes (TTB HHB)

-The right to seek consultation in order to obtain scientific information for the benefit of the patient and to evaluate the information obtained in the field of expertise or not (TDN Article 24 - TDB DMEK)

-The right to allocate the necessary time for the patient (Tababet Specialization Regulation)

-The right to refuse to be a partner in colleague's mistakes (TDB DMEK - TTB HHB)

-The right to demand the provision of life safety (Ministry of Health Circular on Ensuring Employee Safety)



This document; Turkish Penal Code (TCK), Law on the Practice of Medicine and Medical Arts (TSSTİDK), Patient Rights Regulation (HHY), Medical Deontology Regulation (TDN), European Convention on Human Rights (AHHK), TDB Dentistry Professional Ethics Rules (TDB DMEK) ), prepared by reference.

-The obligation to protect human life (ECHR Article 2 - TDN Article 2)

The dentist is responsible for protecting and maintaining human health.

- Obligation to act in accordance with the rules of professional ethics (TDB DMEK)

The dentist is obliged to act in accordance with ethical rules both when performing his duties arising from the patient-physician relationship and when applying medical intervention to the patient.

- Obligation to take care of patient rights (TDN Article 2 - HHY Article 14)

The dentist is obliged to pay attention to the rights of the patient due to the fact that he is primarily human and the rights arising from the Patient Rights Convention.

-Personal performance obligation (TDN Article 13)

The dentist is obliged to apply medical intervention to his patient in accordance with the rules accepted by law and medical science.

- Obligation to take anamnesis and examination (TDN Article 13)

The examination performed by the dentist for the purpose of diagnosing his patient should include the current and previous diseases and the drugs he used. The dentist is responsible for taking the patient's anamnesis data into account while planning the treatment.

-Diagnostic obligation (TDN Article 13)

The dentist is responsible for diagnosing the patient after taking the anamnesis and examination.

- Obligation to choose the appropriate treatment (TDN Article 10)

The dentist is responsible for determining the most appropriate treatment method for his patient as a result of his professional knowledge and experience, anamnesis, examinations and tests.

-Ill and  Obligation not to give any guarantee of recovery to the relatives of the patients (TDN Article 13 and TDB DMEK)

The dentist cannot give a guarantee due to his medical practices.

- Loyalty and care obligation (TDN Article 2.4)

The dentist is obliged to prioritize the interests of the patient over his own interests, not to harm the patient, and to act in accordance with the professional rules.

- Obligation to keep records (TSSTİDK Article 72 - TDB DMEK)

The dentist is responsible for recording and keeping the patient's information.

- Obligation to keep secret (TDN Article 4 - TDB DMEK - HHK Article 20,21)

The dentist is obliged to protect the patient's information obtained during the treatment and to prevent it from being learned by others.

- Notification obligation (Article 280 of the TCK)

When the dentist encounters the indication that a crime has been committed during his examination, he is obliged to report the situation to the competent authorities.

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