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Toothbrush Selection

medium hard

Straight and sparsely Hairy

Fine-headed brush should be preferred.


Soft bristle brush cannot provide sufficient cleaning. If it is not sparsely hairy, it cannot affect between the teeth. if not straight hairy  It is less effective in upright brushing. If he is not thin-headed, he cannot reach hard-to-reach areas. For example, the cheek structure is tight in the upper back region, it cannot enter this region. In addition, the nausea reflex disturbs many individuals.

The brush, whose bristles are softened and opened towards the edges, is worn out and its cleaning effect has decreased, replace it with a new one. It usually wears out after 3 months of use.

Electric brushes can be preferred for play purposes in training children. Manual dexterity and muscle activity decrease in elderly individuals, an electric toothbrush is recommended for these individuals. It is recommended for individuals with physical disabilities.

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