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Brushing teeth

It is a mouth cleaning method that is done at least 2 times a day and takes at least 2 minutes. It is the most important criterion in preventing tooth and gum diseases.

Brushing your teeth after breakfast and before going to sleep is very valuable.

A pea-sized amount of toothpaste is applied on the toothbrush.

There is no need to wet the toothbrush.

All surfaces of all teeth (inside-outside-upper-back) should be brushed.

Tooth brushing should be done in front of the mirror with the mouth open. Mouth  when off  trying to brush teeth  an individual has not brushed the tongue-facing surfaces of their teeth.

The person should start brushing teeth from a specific area and should not skip any area. (right-left-top-bottom)

brush bristles; After it is placed at the tooth-gingival junction line, it is slid on the tooth surface. Brush stroke direction; should always be from the gum to the tooth.

Simply to keep in mind: brush from pink to white.

Toothpaste cannot be swallowed. After brushing, rinse with water at least 3 times and rinse.

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