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Meet Dr Arman Kömür

arman kömür.jpg
Gazi Üniversitesi Ankara

Dentist Arman Kömür born in Bursa; He completed his primary education at Karacabey Cumhuriyet Primary School, secondary education at Bandırma Culture Education Foundation Private Primary School (Bahçeşehir College) and high school education at Bursa Anatolian High School. He completed his university education at Ankara Gazi University Faculty of Dentistry.


Between 2016-2017, he practiced his profession in Ankara Kızılay.

Between 2017-2020, he practiced his profession in Bursa Özlüce.  

He practice his profession at NilA Dental Clinic in Bursa/Turkey since 2020.

  • Filling, Root Canal Treatment

  • Smile Aesthetics

  • Laminate Porcelain (Leaf Porcelain)

  • Direct/Indirect Composite Laminate

  • Zirconium-Porcelain Veneer

  • Metal-Porcelain Veneer

  • Soft Tissue Aesthetics (Gingivectomy, Frenectomy)

  • Soft Tissue Laser Treatment Procedures

  • Impacted/Surgical Tooth Extraction

  • Dental Implant Surgery

  • Fixed and Removable Prosthetics on Dental Implant

  • Night Guard for Parafunctional Habits (bruxism/clenching)

  • Invisaling

  • Snoring Treatment

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